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The first round of the Malaysian series got underway at 3Stonepark this past weekend.  Five rounds of qualifying were held on Saturday and Ben Panic (Kyosho/OS/JConcepts) took out the TQ spot in the pro class.  Max Racing teammate SL Wong took TQ in semi pro with his new Tekno buggy.

Finals were run on Sunday and in the semi finals Didier Perrin was a casualty of Semi A with a broken steering link.  The Kyosho’s of Ben and David Lim won both the semis however with semi A being significantly faster Ben would start on pole for the final with new JConcepts signing Danny K (Kyosho/OS/JConcepts) lining up in second.  A great debut in the pro class, the youngster showed potential and a cool head in last years semi pro series and his efforts demonstrated he will be a force to be reckoned with as he gets used to the pro class.

semi pro pro malay

Mains time rolled around and up front it was David and Ben with a nice lead over Kelvin Yong (Xray/OS/AKA) and Indra Liono (Kyosho), things started to come unravelled for Ben when his front tire started to come off at the 7min mark.  A quick change during the first pit stop kept him in second but David was now half a lap ahead.  The race was unfolding in two a race of two groups.  Ben and David up front and Indra, Kelvin and Felix Tan (Prospeed/OS) in a second group.  At the second pitstop Ben had to change another front tire and David extended the lead.  With almost a lap lead Ben fought hard to stay on the lead lap and over the next twenty minutes got within 15 seconds of David.

Unfortunately for Ben another tire came unglued (bad bottle of glue perhaps?) and it got changed at the 45min mark.  It looked like David had an unbeatable lead at that point however nitro racing is brutal and the next minute David was out.  A steering link had pulled out and he dropped down the order.  Up front it was now Indra and Felix within a few seconds of each other and 15 seconds ahead of Ben.  The last ten minutes were amazing, Ben pushed his Kyosho chasing Indra and Felix as they were battling hard and close.  The last fuel stop put an end to Bens chance for the win, the engine died and it needed his mechanics to change to a new plug to get him back out.  This released Felix and Indra and they put on a show for the last 5 minutes, swapping the lead and racing cleanly.  On the last lap they were nose to tail and Felix looked to be lining Indra up for a pass on the back section, it was not to be however as Indra held off Felix and crossed the line the winner after an epic hour main.  A good weekend for Kyosho dominating qualifying, the semis and the final.

Pro Open

  1. Indra Liono / Kyosho / OS / AKA / Team Max
  2. Felix Tan / Prospeed / GO / James Tyres
  3. Ben Panic / Kyosho / OS / Jconcept / Team Max ( TQ )

Pro Malaysia

  1. Felix Tan / Prospeed / GO / James Tyres
  2. Danny Teh / Tekno / Reds / James Tyres / Team Max…
  3. Melvin Tan / TLR / OS / Proline

Semi Pro Malaysia.

  1. Rickey Teoh / Mugen / Reds / Sweep
  2. YC Chong / Agama / OS / James Tyres / Team Max
  3. Barry / Sworkz / OS / Tpro

TQ – SL Wong / Tekno / Reds / James Tyres / Team Max.