boots wins brushless

This third and last final will be just like those we have seen so far: intense and electrifying. The start is given and immediately Elliott Boots is leading. It is followed by Marco Baruffolo and Darren Blommfield. They will engage in a fierce battle where Bloomfield will win. Baruffolo overexcited will come back several times, but without getting to spend the Nemo Racing driver. Within minutes, it will give up. Boots widened the gap and can not be reached. The interest of the race will be directed towards Savoya and Ongaro. Savoya sees gradually Ongaro back on him. Once the junction between the two drivers made, Savoya intelligently open the door to Ongaro. The final ended with a victory for Elliott Boots who also won the overall race in Brushless class. He beat Bloomfield and Ongaro. Overall in the 3 finals Boots wins before Baruffolo and Bloomfield.

finale A3 finale A overall