stand jeudi padova 201628
The E-Buggy class offers us great battles this year. Each round of qualifications or in this case in final, the drivers manage to exceed and push their limits. Elliott Boots made the show yesterday but did not manage to do better than 3rd place mainly because of the heavy traffic. The only driver not to have been stuck in traffic wins: Marco Baruffolo. He wins the final, very detached from the rest of the chasing group. Behind him more than seven seconds is positioned Davide Ongaro, fast and steady. Alessandro Stocco Zanchettin and Alex completed the top 5. Interesting detail, from the 2nd to the 5th position, the gap between the drivers is less than a second. Very tight and intense.

In the overall standings following the finals Marco Baruffolo is the first position followed by Elliot Boots and Darren Bloomfield.

Finale A2 Brushless classement A1 & A2 brushless