Neidhart SA HPI

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From the 6th of January 2016, HPI INC. will give the exclusive European distribution rights for HPI and HB products to Neidhart SA in Switzerland.

HPI, is as determined as ever to remain one of the RC car industry frontrunners.
In order to achieve our goals and better serve our customers, we have decided to team up with a dynamic European partner, Neidhart SA.

Neidhart SA is a Swiss based distribution company which as created and manages brands such as the world renowned Team Orion brand. Thanks to their international business and distribution platforms they have extensive knowledge of the global RC market. The core team at Neidhart SA have been active in the RC industry for most of their professional life, they are true specialists that fully understand the requirements of the market.

HPI and Neidhart SA business relationship started more than 20 years ago. In the past, as both companies were growing on an international scale, Neidhart SA helped HPI establish their European of ces in the UK. Neidhart SA has also been an HPI and HB products distributor for over two decades, this means that they have extensive knowledge of the HPI and HB products range.

In 2015 Neidhart SA, as the exclusive European HB distributor, had a very successful year with the sales and promotion of HB branded products throughout Europe.

For 2016 and beyond, it is our goal to repeat and improve on this success with the HPI products.