Agama A21E neo

See: Nemo Racing

Agama announce the release of the A21E 1/8 E-Buggy kit. The A21E is a “real” E-Buggy, not just a conversion of the established Nitro car.

The A215E has been developed throughout the year in conjunction with our drivers to produce the best possible performance and ease of use kit possible. Using the already proven suspension geometry of the A215, the E version has been optimised for the weight distribution of the electric equipment and the torque characteristics of the motors to ensure the best possible performance.

Using the inherent strength and quality already present in the A215, the A215E has has been tweaked in subtle, yet essential ways to maximise the performance of the electric power train and ensure the driver gets the best results. Tested and proven at big races throughout 2015, the A215E is ready….more details very soon.

Agama A21E 1 Agama A21E 3 Agama A21E 2