Rayan Kyosho 2016 neo

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho Europe announced that the french rising star Rayan Medjoubi has joined the team Kyosho for 2016. He will run Kyosho MP9 TKI3, AKA tyres and REDS engines. Rayan made his first official laps at the next edition of The Italian Job Race next week.

“Thank JQ racing for all the help he has given me over the past five years and great moments with the team members (JQ, Mort Family, Bradley, Miguel, Ilias ..). I wish the best for all my teammates. According to many very conclusive tests, I decided to run for Kyosho for 2016 and thank them for their support for this year, new goals and greater motivation than before!
Thank you again AKA and Reds Racing for their confidence for the new year.
I wish you all R/C friends a very good year! See you at Italian Job.”