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What better way to end the year if not with a surprise? It concerns one of the Better known ‘spokes’ of Yokomo’s wheel, the japanese driver Shin Adachi. Indeed, the engineer and team manager will continue his partnership with Yokomo but also for Serpent in 1/8 buggy.

Serpent and Shin Adachi join into an agreement in which Shin will run the soon to be released brandnew 1/8 GP buggy as test and team-driver.

Shin Adachi says: “I’m very excited join Serpent 1/8 buggy team. I’m confident and cannot wait to 2016 season. I would like to provide everything that I have learned and experienced from my long R/C racing experience to the team. Thanks to Serpent team to allow me this chance!”  

Shin brings along a tremendous amount of experience in racing and development, and will coop with main designer Billy Easton and the factory to develop the Serpent 1/8 buggy cars to even higher levels, and support Serpent drivers.

Team Serpent Interview.

Hello Shin, its great to have you on the Serpent offroad 1/8 team. Below a few questions for you:

Team Serpent: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
Shin Adachi: I’m start racing 3 years old with Tamiya Hornet.

Team Serpent: Which car you will run for Serpent ?
Shin Adachi: I will be driving the new 1/8 scale GP buggy which will be ready early 2016.

Team Serpent: Where is your local track located ?
Shin Adachi: Futaba Buggy Track. This is many time use Japan nationals

Team Serpent: What has been your biggest national and international result so far ?
Shin Adachi: Japan nationals finalist, Neo finalist

Team Serpent: What is your age and occupation ?
Shin Adachi: I’m 35 year old. I’m contract Yokomo as engineering 1/10th off-road and team manager. Now I also joined Serpent 1/8 buggy team as test driver for development.

Team Serpent: Which races do you plan for coming season ?
Shin Adachi: We have World Championship 2016. I will try help for team and improve the car as well as possible.

Team Serpent: When and where will be your next race with Serpent ?
Shin Adachi: I think my first race will be in USA. Hopefully soon.