mugen rear center Universal Driveshaft neo

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How excited can you get about new driveshafts ? Well had it not been for Star Wars hitting the screens in the last few days, we’re pretty sure Mugen’s new options would have dominated headlines 😉

Mugen is proud to introduce new optional front (78.5mm) and rear (110mm) center universal driveshaft’s for the Mugen MBX7R and MBX7R ECO kits. The universal driveshaft’s have less friction, which allows the overall drivetrain to be more efficient, and also helps reduce heat. These universal driveshaft’s are also more durable and require less maintenance compared to a “CVA” type driveshaft. Universals provide better power transfer both on and off throttle making the buggy easier to drive during longer runs.


  • Efficiency: The universal drivershaft assembly reduces friction and heat in the drivetrain. The will also help increase runtime
  • Pre-Assembled: The universal driveshafts come pre-assembled and no maintenance is required
  • Direct Replacement: The universal driveshaft’s are a direct replacement for the Mugen MBX7R and MBX7R ECO buggy’s without any additional parts needed.

mugen Front center Universal Driveshaft mugen rear center Universal Driveshaft