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Last weekend the Batam Night race was held the at the Batam RC Speedway Track, Batam.  The track was a bit dusty with medium grip. Racers from Singapore, Jakarta, Medan, Batam, Tanjung Pinang, Pekanbaru and Aceh attended this event. The race format was 5 rounds of 10 minutes with 4 best rounds to count.

After 5 qualifying runs, Jason Nugroho took the TQ. Due to the heavy rain, the drivers almost did not start main final A. After more than 1 hour expecting the rain to stop but it didn’t happen. Since all the participants from main final A still wanted to test their cars in the rain, the race started but no one was able to finish the race. Nevertheless, a ranking was made with a winner, Edianto.

Final A result:

  1. Edianto
  2. Jason Nugroho
  3. Asang Ho
  4. Ameng
  5. Afriandy

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