maifield reds

A big story may be brewing in the shape of an imminent engine switch for TLR’s Ryan Maifield – spotted TQ’ing and winning the annual Toys for Tots event at Thunder Alley RC Raceway in Beaumont, CA with a nitro powerplant that suspiciously appears to be a REDS engine, despite being signed to Team Orion.

Rumours have persisted that Maifield might be on the verge of a change in his nitro programme, however with the ‘silly season’ all but dormant, this news might kickstart the annual festivities – its rare to see a driver race in public with another brand’s engine – heavily suggesting he might be heading towards a REDS drive in 2016.

Adding further weight to the proposed departure from Orion and link up with REDS was that the photo is from Ryan Maifield’s own page on Facebook, almost comic in fueling the gossip-sayers however was the lack of Maifield (& engine)  from the official podium photos!

Watch this space…