de racing bumpskid rc8b3

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DE Racing has just released a new BumpSkid and rear skid plate for the Team Associated RC8B3. Some info can be found below and photos have been attached.

As long standing and proven products of DE Racing, we are proud to release BumpSkids and XD Rear Skid Plates for the Associated RC8 B3. The BumpSkid combines a superior front skid plate with a refined front bumper to create the ultimate in protection, performance, and styling. The rear skid plates offer the highest quality engineering resin that wears like aluminum at a fraction of the price and weight while eliminating the need for longer screws.

At DE Racing we have always said we believe a car’s chassis is not a wear item. These products continue to reinforce that concept by providing high performance protection for your expensive RC8B3 chassis. With DE Racing products, you’ll never wear out a chassis again.

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