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Ryan Lutz attended the first International race at Binona RC track in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, winning both nitro buggy and truggy classes against some international high profile drivers.

After a journey who took more than 24 hour, Ryan Lutz arrived at the Dubai airport then a car for a other trip to Binona RC. As might be expected the circuit was different from the usual circuits, basically completely concrete. The challenge was of course to find the set-up on this super hard, abrasive, high traction surface. Following some adjustments all kinds of set-up changes at its buggy, it wasn’t perfect even at the end I got it much closer though lots of trial and error.

In qualifying the Tekno RC driver was able to take the TQ in Buggy and Truggy in Q1. In Q2 Lutz will do a couple to many mistakes and Meen would take the TQ in buggy. In Q3 Lutz is mired in traffic and Meen took again this round of qualifying. Meen got the overall TQ in buggy and Lutz in truggy.

In truggy, Lutz was able to win the 30 minute semi-final and put in the fastest 30 minute laps. In the 45 minute final, Lutz drives full throttle everywhere and tried to do some bicycles around corners and down the straight. After the tone sounded, Lutz wins the 45min race by nearly 8 laps.

In the 45 min Buggy final, at the start Meen was chomping at the heels of Lutz for the first 3 laps until finally he got a groove and built a 2 second lead. Then Lutz has a very poor lap with 3 crashes (and limited marshalls) which ended up costing 18 seconds on that one lap! Now he was 18 seconds behind Meen but he found a groove and started clicking off consistent high 29’s with Meen doing low 30’s. So he was gaining and soon found 10 seconds back. Then he made a mistake and Lutz approaches at 2 seconds. But Meen had to do some tire changes as his tires came unglued. Once out of the race for victory, Lutz adopted a sufficient cruising speed and took the win by over 5 laps in the 45 minutes.

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