Aura Full Bearing Kit TLR 22 3.0

AVID presents a new Aura full bearing kit for the TLR 22 3.0. As a reminder Aura is part of the new pinnacle bearing line developed for racers seeking the highest level of performance. AVID took what they learned from their rear ceramic engine bearings and shrank that technology down to offer the most advanced bearings for your RC vehicle.

The gearbox bearings that aren’t exposed to the elements have no seals while the hub bearings and the 3 bearings in the gearbox that are exposed have a single metal shield for the least amount of friction while offering some protection to debris, high speed nylon ball retainer*, Si3N4 ceramic balls, tight tolerances, and high-speed oil. The Aura line is not designed for the warriors that race several times a week and don’t have time to go through their car to provide the proper maintenance needed to keep the Aura in a good state.