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Via: HB Europe
After attending the US Open in Phoenix, AZ , Reno Savoya and his mate/mechanic Jérôme Treignier embarked on a bit of a US tour. After soaking up the winter sun in Phoenix, the HB pair headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to the strip to next year’s Worlds track, ‘RC Tracks of Las Vegas’ to go testing… We can only guess they miiiiiiight have ‘passed by’ the strip given it’s close proximity!

After a few days of standalone testing and practice HB Designer Torrance Deguzman joined for a series of tests with a couple of prototype parts, rumours suggest there may be more than just the new front and rear universals on the car (as stated on the setup), however Reno used them in conjunction with the older D812 rear hubs.

Reno D815 US Open fuel champ