See: RC Tracks of Las Vegas
With the dust hardly settled on a double Euro victory at the Kyosho Masters last weekend, the host track of next year’s IFMAR 1/8 Offroad Worlds has partnered with Jimmy Babcock to host the 13th running of the Sidewinder Nitro Explosion event – previously held at Heritage RC Park.

Just got off the phone with Jimmy Babcock and we have come to an agreement to bring the 2016 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion to RC Tracks of Las Vegas!!! This event will run July 30th-31st. We have a great alliance with Jimmy Babcock and I personally have known him for 13+ years and he has one of the best reputations in our industry! We look forward to building our partnership between RC Tracks of Las Vegas and JBRL/Jimmy Babcock!!!

With addition of the Sidewinder event, it means a busy build up towards the Worlds – plenty of chances for those willing, to get practice on the Worlds surface, with the return of the Worlds warm up (2014 there wasn’t one) it looks like a serious schedule for 2016!

RC Tracks of Las Vegas 2016 Schedule:

4-7 Feb: Sin City Nitro Encounter
17-20 March: Silver State
4-8 May: Worlds Warm up
30-31st July: Sidewinder Nitro Explosion
2-9 October: 2016 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad Worlds