v_winning setup_World Championship 2016 – kópia (2)

XRAY has undoubtedly made their mark in offroad this year, finishing off the season with an IFMAR World Championship win. The XB4’16 designer, Martin Bayer, shares his World Championship winning set-up that Bruno Coelho used to win the recent Worlds in Japan.

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“After we arrived to Yatabe Arena we started the practice rounds with our initial set-up that we have used during practice at Hudy Arena where we raced on high traction carpet. This was the same set-up we have successfully used at first round of EOS series with just very minor modifications. After few practice rounds we felt confident that this set-up will work great also on this astro track that had very high traction. And it worked great…”

Bruno Coelho Worlds Setup

“We have used few XB4 option parts to help us adjust to the particular track conditions. First we have changed the standard body for a lightweight one to make the car roll less and to gain more corner speed. We changed for more hard springs both in front & rear. To make the car more predictable but at the same time easier to drive we used the new hard graphite arms which tremendously stabilize the car in high traction conditions. Using the aluminum 12° caster blocks definitely helped to make the car even more stable over the small bumps.

This winning basic setting will make your XB4 to push a little but with very good landings and super easy predictable handling with high corner speeds both on carpet and astro but also in other high traction conditions and on high grip dirt tracks….“