Exotek YZ Options

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Exotek Racing has machined their latest option parts, this time catering to the Yokomo YZ2 and YZ4 platforms. The new options include 7075 alloy rear hubs with vertical ball stud mounting, machined spring perch set, and YZ2 direct spur mount.

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The heavy duty 7075 alloy rear hubs with vertical ball stud mounting for the YZ2 and YZ4 are extra durable, but machined to be lightweight. 0° toe in and has an extra 3mm hole for using a 3mm set screw (not included) on the hinge pin for improved hinge pin fit. Polished and anodized in factory black.


Next in line is the machined, polished and anodized alloy spring perch set for Yokomo YZ and BMAX series big bore shocks. Extra milling for a lightweight design with reinforced strength of cnc cut aluminum and a snug fit to reduce the chance of losing a perch. Milled holes also help reduce debris from collecting inside.


Last, but not least, is the slipper assembly eliminator spur gear mounting hub for Yokomo YZ2 and BMAX 2wd buggies. Great for stock off road classes. Lighter for increased acceleration and cooler running motor and allows the mounting of any standard Kimbrough or Exotek Flite spur gears (coming soon) for increased gear ratio options. Only 3.5 grams with the hardware (not including the spur gear). Easy assembly for switching between the Exotek spur gear hub or the stock slipper when conditions call for it.