Critters Mains
Critter Hobbies in Fairfield, New Jersey hosted their 2nd Annual Halloween race on Oct 25th, known as the ‘Halloween Freakfest’. The event gathered over 90 entries, with the largest class being 4WD Mod Buggy and surprisingly 4WD SCT. The Modified 2wd and 4wd buggy classes were hotly contested with Team drivers from Team Associated, Team Durango, FTM Grip, Trinity & Critters Racing Team.

Critter Hobbies would like to thank its sponsors for this event: Team Associated, JConcepts, Hobbico, Sticky Kicks, Schelle & FTM Grip.
2WD Mod Buggy results: TJ Eller [Team Associated], (TQ) Andrew Rizzo [FTM Grip/Critters], Jake Ebby [Critters].
2WD Stock Buggy results: (TQ) James Cranmer [Critters], Brad Ludwig [Critters], DJ Cranmer.
2WD Mod Truck results: (TQ) Jay Zellner [Critters/Trinity/FTM], Dario Cangialosi, Ted Stryker.
2WD Mod SCT results: (TQ) Brad Ludwig [Critters], Lance Cranmer [Critters], Andrew Rizzo [FTM Grip/Critters].
4WD Mod Buggy results: (TQ) James Cranmer [Critters],TJ Eller [Team Associated], Toby Hamson [Team Durango/Critters]
4WD Mod SCT: (TQ) Dave Gallagher, Steve Novach, Mike Costa.