Jconcepts CVDs

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The drive system on any vehicle is critical but in off-road racing where long stroke suspensions are commonplace, CVA performance is vital. JConcepts introduces the new Team Associated T5M/SC5M CVA set, built for performance, durability, and a high dose of glamour. The design is based around the HD 5mm axle diameter which is able to stand up to a rigorous demands of today’s racing. The bones have been machined of spring steel material for the ultimate in durability and performance and inserted with hardened steel pins on the drive ends.

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The aluminum pin barrels have a high tolerance fit and finish for smooth and quiet performance. The look is unmistakably JConcepts with the high luster look of the advanced plating on the bones, axles and barrels which also provide corrosion resistance. For more recognition, the JConcepts.net logo is etched onto each bone for identification and authenticity.