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The anticipated fireworks and tears that we were expecting and somewhat morbidly looking forward to in the A finals didn’t materialise as A2 proved to be a bit of a display of cruise control for A1 winner Bruno Coelho. Not repeating any kind of mistakes from A1, the XRAY driver simply opened himself up a gap which Michal Orlowski had no answer for, rather than chipping away at it, it opened from 1 sec, to two to three, simply put, Coelho in a league of his own.

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Ryan Maifield turned out to be the star of A2, coming from 9th on the grid to a storming drive to 3rd, disappointment for Naoto Matsukura, lasting only 12 laps before retiring, his title hopes dashed, he was beaten to the first corner by a punchy move from David Ronnefalk.

The rest of the final action came from the fights in the midpack, not at the front sadly, it was clear with already half the final gone Coelho would have to face disaster if he were to miss out on the victory, however an anticlimactic an A2 it was, Coelho’s Worlds win is still a fully deserved one as Bruno has pretty much been the man to beat throughout all of 4WD. He overcame controversy in A1, kept his head and drove a robotic A2.

4wd a2