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See: RCShox
RCShox has just released their new Serpent SRX4 Center Diff Conversion kit for high bite conditions. The pin drive system design allows you to adjust the amount of front and rear bias via small drive pins which act like thinner or thicker diff fluid. 


RCShox says, “Under acceleration the pins ‘drive’ into the diff balls which slows them down, full pins is virtually locked up while no pins is an open diff. In testing we have found that 8 is excellent for high bite slick tire track. Because the diff action is not linear and depends on drive force, there are two very distinct advantages to our system.

  1. No matter how many pins you use when you first apply power the diff will transfer more to the front but as you accelerate power transfers towards the rear.
  2. Under braking the diff is “open” which dramatically increases your braking performance especially, over a slipper setup where you will lock up the fronts before the rears and you can only brake in a straight line.”