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MIP Pucks have revolutionized the R/C world with their re-buildable design, higher performance, and most importantly less money out of your pocket in the long run. Currently, MIP Pucks have only been offered for 2wd and due to the plastic puck design it has not been possible to move over to 4wd (more demanding drivetrain) without a couple design changes. Tested for months with awesome wear characteristics we would like to introduce what makes a rebuildable 4wd drivetrain possible, MIP Rollers! These new MIP Rollers are designed to do just that ‘roll’; they rotate on the main pin and being that the Roller metal is softer than hardened steel outdrives the roller will not gouge or cut into your outdrives causing you to have to change drivetrain bones and outdrives simultaneously. Get what your Hot Bodies D413 drivetrain needs get MIP Roller!

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