Schelle Bearing

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By request, Schelle Racing Innovations expands the “all-out, spare no expense” Black Diamond series to include a B5M Factory Lite Car Set and a B5 Ceramic Axle Set. The SCH2305 B5M Factory Lite Car Set includes all 14 Ceramic Bearings for the Gearbox and 4 Axles to roll on low-drag ceramic balls. On top of that, the set includes 10 Onyx Bearings (Chrome Steel) to cover the steering bellcranks and diff internals. The SCH2306 Ceramic Axle Set set contains 8 Ceramic Bearings to equip the front and rear axles with premium Black Diamond Ceramic bearings. Fits all B5, B5M, B5M Factory Lite, T5M, SC5M.

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