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Hobbico is pleased to announce that three of its most highly respected manufacturers — Futaba, O.S. Engine and TrakPower — have added multiple IFMAR Worlds finalist and National Champion Travis Amezcua onto their racing team rosters. “After testing their products,” Travis says, “I felt that they would give me a better chance of winning.”

Travis first joined forces with Hobbico as a driver for California-based Team Durango. In late 2014 his role expanded when he was named Team Durango’s North American Technical Representative. “After 22 years of racing R/C cars and learning from our industry leaders,” Travis explained, “it’s my turn to teach the next generation of racers.”

Now, as a team driver for Futaba, O.S. and TrakPower, Travis will have many additional opportunities to share his experience with other racers. “Because these are Hobbico brands, I’ll be running them along with my Team Durango cars,” he says. “And I’ll be able to support more of the customers using them as well.” Hobbico wishes Travis great success in his new team roles.