Cav Sweep

Race report by: Team Associated
Utter domination; that’s the only way to describe the performance by Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri at the 2015 R.O.A.R. 1:10 Electric Off-Road Nationals. Taking the TQ in all four modified classes, the 4-time I.F.M.A.R. World Champion was locked in to the zone through Friday and Saturday’s qualifying. Even though Cavalieri would start on pole for all four classes, it wasn’t just him that represented Team Associated in the finals. With 40 possible A-main positions, Team Associated vehicles occupied 19 of them; that’s almost half the field!

SRS Layout

Slotting in to those positions with their B5M vehicles in 2WD Modified Buggy were Ryan Cavalieri (1), Spencer Rivkin (3), Steven Hartson (5), Tanner Denney (8) and Rob Gillespie Jr. (10).

With their B44.3s in the 4WD Modified A-main event were Ryan Cavalieri (1), Spencer Rivkin (3) and Rob Gillespie Jr. (8).

The brand new SC5M delivered the short course goods with Ryan Cavalieri (1), Spencer Rivkin (2), Kody Numedahl (6), Chad Due (9) and Brad Shearer (10) all making the 2WD Modified SCT main event.

Finally, in the 2WD Truck Modified class, the T5Ms of Ryan Cavalieri (1), Steven Hartson (4), Spencer Rivkin (5), Tommy Hinz (8), Tanner Denney (9) and Rob Gillespie Jr. (10) all represented Team Associated. That left just 21 positions for the remaining four manufactures to split.

With 12 A Mains scheduled in the four classes, Cavalieri only needed eight of them to sew up the four National Championships. Sweeping both A1 and A2 main events insured that Ryan Cavalieri would be crowned champion before any of the other finishing positions were settled. There were seven National Championships up for grabs and Team Associated won five of them as privateer Alan Wright won Racing Truck 17.5 with his T5M.

Stay tuned for more detailed information and setups from the winning cars along with more from the team as the week continues, and congratulations to Ryan on your THIRD sweep of the Nationals with Team Associated!