NRS Round 4 A Final

This weekend was the scheduled 4th round of the UK’s Northern Regional Series to be hosted by the Wakefield City Rallycross club, however with the Wakefield being locked out of their facility by a construction crew the 4th round was quickly re-homed to the popular North West Nitro club in Blackpool.

Scheduled for 1 round of timed practice, 3 rounds of qualifying with 2 rounds to count. The day got off to a damp start which proved tricky for drivers with a tweaked layout to the track; young Agama driver Jonathan Skidmore displaying his early mastery of the conditions taking the TQ by some margin. With the track drying out for round 2 it was Jonathan’s younger brother William who was starting to shine, taking 3rd in round with S-Workz driver Chris Sharpe Simkiss blending local track knowledge with an uncharacteristically cool and composed drive to take 2nd. Again the TQ being taken by Jonathan Skidmore. The 3rd round kicked off with a fully dry and now somewhat dusty track and William Skidmore again taking 3rd overall. 2nd being taken by Radiosistemi driver Gavin Uttley and again Jonathan Skidmore seemingly unbeatable taking the round TQ and overall TQ.

Onto the main final and yet again Jonathan Skidmore was dominating proceedings lapping the entire field by the end of the race with Mugen driver Colin Brennan taking 2nd. For 3rd however things were less than straight forward with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th all battling together in the last few laps for the last podium position; with what would prove to be high drama with some less than impressive driving from lapped back markers, XRay driver Richard Greenough attempting one fuel stop over the course of the 22m final subsequently running out of fuel only 5 meters from the finishing line! and a photo finish between Gavin Uttley and XRay driver (and NRS newcomer) Ashlee Owen with Gavin piping Ashlee by only 3 tenths of a second to 3rd!

Top 10:

  1. Jonathan Skidmore – Agama – Bullitt – Beta
  2. Colin Brennan – Mugen – Bullitt – Beta
  3. Gavin Uttley – Radiosistemi – Werks – Proline
  4. Ashlee Owen – XRay – FX – James
  5. Stuart Mahon – S-Workz – Novarossi – TPro
  6. Richard Greenhough – XRay – FX
  7. Mick Butler – Mugen – Protek
  8. James Hardgreaves – Mugen – Protek
  9. Allan Ward – Radiosistemi – Werks
  10. Lewis Rushton – Agama – Bullitt