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See: EuroRC
EuroRC and Highest have agreed on exclusive distribution in Finland and Baltics. “Signing Joel Valander to the team is a important way to move forward,” explains Axel Toivonen, the owner of EuroRC. “In today’s market a solid product is not enough you will have to show it to the consumers as Highest as a brand is still the new kid on the block. Highest have extensive knowledge and history with RC servos and are stationed in Korea where the good stuff is made, another great country is naturally Japan.”

“We have been testing these servos for over a year now in cars ranging from 1/5th to 1/10th scale with our product testing team and we are confident we have a really good product in hand. This will be a huge thing for consumers as the servos are top quality but affordable also for hobbyists, especially the 1/10 servos.”

The Team EuroRC driver Joel says, “I have been testing Highest servos during this summer in different cars and already making podiums. I am really happy with their performance and I am confident that I can do my best and grateful for this opportunity with EuroRC and Highest.”