See: Tekin
Known as one of the “must attend” races in the Northern California area, the JConcepts Summer Indoor National series attracts racers from all over the west coast and beyond. We would all be graced by the presence of the one and only Scotty “The Machine” Ernst all the way from Wisconsin. Over 240 entries for the weekend meant there was surely going to be epic battles in every class. The track layout and facility were ready for the racers to enjoy the event with a fast and rhythmic layout installed by the Outback Raceway track crew providing fast lap times, great passing areas, and wide lanes giving the racers a rare chance to race each other heads up.

After a long day of racing, up last would be the 2wd Expert Stock Buggy class. TQ Tekin powered Derek Stephansen would be poised to take the win with a clean run. Team Manager Randy Pike would sneak into the show after bumping from the B-main with his Tekin powered Yomoko Bmax 2. From the tone Derek would get away clean, that couldn’t be said for the rest of the field. A huge pile up collected nearly the entire field. Pike would be the last car flipped in the mess. Stephansen was on a mission running fast clean laps pulling away consistently and slowly. The leaders would catch traffic early on in the 8 minute race due to that early pile up. Derek would get through traffic quick an continue to grow his lead. Young Kamryn Ayers would battle her way through traffic from as low as 5th after being collected in crashes. Kyle Linton would give chase to Stephansen but wouldn’t get the same luck in traffic. Ayers would battle back putting a pass on Linton around lap 19 and never give it back for the remainder of the main. Stephansen would cruise to a huge win, Ayers in 2nd and Linton in 3rd.