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Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 1 of the Euros kicked off at 9AM with 4 rounds of free practice – not counting for any reseeding purposes – simply to allow drivers to get to grips with the Ongaroring track in Sacile, Italy. With a temperature of 37C expected later in the day and 94% recorded humidity in the morning, the Euros resembled a bit of a wet t-shirt contest, only the hot chicks were missing, replaced by dehydrated international racers.

EU157095 EU157100 EU157102 EU157108

Heat 1 were greeted with a track that had been rather overwatered in a few places – Martin Bayer making public his frustrations at having to strip down his car completely and rebuild it after a thorough cleaning having been out early on, his car caked with exceptionally smelly mud. Many believing fertilizer from the surrounding fields had been used on  the track judging by the pungent stench, however we have been assured it was a combination of track binding mix and water.

EU157126 EU157130 EU157141 EU157149

Pit News is a bit hard to come by at this time, the gossip so far amongst a couple of team managers has been a controversial minimum wing side dam size – a rule apparently in place since the worlds last year which wasn’t enforced and is yet to be here – only a couple of wily drivers seem to be aware, having glued larger wing end plates onto the ends of their lexan wings.

Otherwise, its hot!

Day 1 Photo Gallery

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