EoE Colchester

Report by Colin Parsfield
Round 3 of the EoE took place on Sunday 28th June at CMCC’s Easthorpe venue just off the A12. The track is 100% grass, and despite the appearance in photos of being flat, it was far from this with many natural undulations. From the start line you headed through a quick chicane into a gradual left sweep which dropped away before a tightening left hook which was right on a crest of a bump. After a quick right hairpin, blast along a short straight you spun around to face the monster straight along the back of the circuit. Despite being a straight it was far from simple as half way along there was a series of crests, dips and bumps which caught more than a few drivers out during the day. If you reached the end of the straight an opening left hand bend sent you into a series right left right twists heading back towards the rostrum. An open chicane led you to a final double left hander back onto the start finish straight, a quick time set by the top heat of around 10/11 laps.


The day started with bright sunshine leading us to believe it was going to be a hot one, how wrong we were as by 11am and right on time the rain started to fall, not driving rain but just constantly falling which soon left everything soaked. This had drivers searching thorough pit boxes for those Ballistic Greens while wondering if the warm weather would actually dry the track before their run started. Luckily the downpour that we thought may put the finals in doubt cleared just before the first final was due on track. After qualifying had finished it was Alex Carter who had pole in 2wd, while Danny Conway was second, Steve Biscoe in third, current championship pace setter Jonathan Brown in fourth.

2wd Finals
D Final Overall 3 legs.

  1. Jamie Robinson
  2. Matthieu Dambrine
  3. Richard Sharp
  4.  Joe Sharp
  5. Abe Lyons.

C Final Overall 3 legs.

  1. Darren Windsor
  2. Daniel Usher
  3. Kevin Fenn
  4. William Innocent
  5. Joe Howson
  6. Neil Parrot
  7. Andrew Simpson
  8. Sam Bradshaw
  9. Simon Lea-Armstrong
  10. Jamie Lee

B Final Overall 3 legs

  1. Tony Price
  2. Adam Bowyer-Lowe
  3. Connor Watkins
  4. Ben Chester
  5. Andy Windsor
  6. Simon Watson
  7. Justin Hayes
  8. Phillip Child
  9. Nic Child
  10. Nigel Buck


A final leg 1. As clean a start as you will see in any final, Alex Carter holding position to try and edge away, while Danny and Jonathan followed. With a fairly uneventful final Alex was under no real pressure and took the win, Danny second and Jonathan third. Leg 2, Alex, Danny, Steve and Jonathan started to pull away early on and set about their own final. Danny made a small error with Jonathan unable to avoid him; Biscoe was now on the chase for Alex. With around one minute thirty left Alex made a mistake allowing Steve Biscoe to take the lead and Danny to nip through into second. Alex now dropping to third and this is how they crossed the line. Leg 3. Alex ran into trouble early on effectively costing him the overall win, Danny and Steve took off and for the next five minutes were hardly separated by a second or two, some really good close and fair racing left Danny crossing the line first Steve second. This meant a tie on both points and best score so it was down to the quickest time, Steve taking it by just over two seconds from Danny. Alex did at least claim the last podium spot.


A Final Overall 3 legs.

  1. Steve Biscoe
  2. Danny Conway
  3. Alex Carter
  4. Stuart Collard
  5. Jonathan Brown
  6. Graham Kisby
  7. Simon Overall
  8. Ian Buck
  9. David Evans
  10. Nicholas Child.


Over in 4wd it was simple, Danny Conway won the first two rounds and so pole was sewn up meaning the 4wd could be kept clean for the finals, Jack Angus back up his solid results of late by taking the last two qualifiers and only losing out on pole by split time, the rain in the later morning not helping him. Lee Hedges a solid third and Steve Biscoe giving himself work to do and sat in fourth.

4wd Finals
D Final Overall 3 legs

  1. James Dobler
  2. Ashley Kew
  3. Colin Parsfield
  4. Vince Graver
  5. Phillip Child

C Final Overall 3 legs

  1. Greg Stevens
  2. Justin Easey
  3. Keith Wardle
  4. Daniel Chilvers
  5. Tony Price
  6. Paul Tinkler
  7. Tony Archer
  8. Mark Lambert
  9. Craig Woods
  10. Pete Lyons

B Final Overall 3 legs

  1. Anthony French
  2. Martin Long
  3. Andy Windsor
  4. Neil Parrot
  5. Darren Windsor
  6. Matt Sadler
  7. Carl Dufton
  8. Nic Child
  9. Matt Rowe
  10. Nicholas Child


A Final Leg 1 Danny Conway knew that a win here would put him just one leg away from wrapping up the 4wd championship with plenty to spare, he duly did this by romping away to a convincing win. Behind Danny Jack took up second for a while until a small roll allowed Steve Biscoe through to second, and on the last lap Jack did everything wrong and slumped to mid pack with Graham Kisby claiming third. Leg 2 A really messy start to this one, Lee Hedges just touching Jack Angus and in turn everyone ploughing into the mess, even the super cool Danny made a small error but got away with it and continued in the lead, with Graham and Jack getting themselves free from the melee. A couple of minutes in and Graham rolls it to leave Danny with a big lead and a title within sight, a few minutes later and Danny crossed the line to be crowned 2015 Champion. Graham another great result in second and Lee picking up third. Leg 3 Danny sat this one out to see what an A final looks like from the sidelines. Steve Biscoe took the lead early with Jack and Graham ready to pounce. However a couple of minutes in and it was Graham who made the mistake, it was Stuart Collard who up until now had had a quiet couple of legs one & two found himself in second. Around the same time Jack made a massive error on the back straight leaving him way down the order, it was now Biscoe, Collard and Kristian Gibbs in third. As quickly as he took third Kristian lost it after a small tumble and Graham was back in the hunt and the top three were close. Into the closing stages and Graham tried a pass on Stuart but just tagged him around, very sporting from Graham as he waited for Stuart to be marshalled. No last lap excitement and the top three finished in this order.


A Final Overall 3 legs

  1. Danny Conway
  2. Steve Biscoe
  3. Graham Kisby
  4. Lee Hedges
  5. Jack Angus
  6. Stuart Collard
  7. Kristian Gibbs
  8. Paul Timberlake
  9. Paul Pratley
  10. Simon Overall

Juniors. Connor Watkins knew a good result here could wrap up the overall junior championship with two rounds to spare. A below par qualifying left Connor sitting in the 2wd B final, his main contender for the championship Darren Windsor was also sitting in the B final but this time 4wd. Whoever finished the higher in their respective final would take the win, and for Connor the championship. Connor’s leg finals were up first and after leg three he had claimed third, he now had to wait and see if Darren could better this result in his final. Darren gave it all and claimed a fifth in the B 4wd, Connor was therefore crowned Junior Champion 2015.

Danny Conway
(Danny Conway, already negotiating a new deal for 2016 after wrapping up the 2015 4wd Championship.)

All the presentations handed out and the show moves on to Boughton Raceway for Round 4 on August 2nd, with the 2wd championship still up for grabs, and the rest of the podium spots in 4wd and juniors to be finalized.