Team C T Plate

See: Inside Line Racing
Inside Line Racing have just released an new Carbon Fibre T-Plate for the TeamC TC02C Evo to go alongside their growing range of option parts. The beautiful new T-Plate has been CNC machined from a single piece of 6mm thick Carbon Fibre to give improved accuracy, rigidity and strength over the kit supplied plastic version. It utilizes the TeamC RF hanger from the TC02 Rear Motor Car which again adds to strength and tuneability of this new option part. All of this combined adds up to a sharper handling and stronger car for the racer that wants to get the most out of his TC02C Evo.

inside-line-racing-ilr5021-carbon-fibre-t-plate-tc02c-evo-3 inside-line-racing-ilr5021-carbon-fibre-t-plate-tc02c-evo-2 inside-line-racing-ilr5021-carbon-fibre-t-plate-tc02c-evo-4 inside-line-racing-ilr5021-carbon-fibre-t-plate-tc02c-evo-5