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Developed and tested for several months with cooperation from top Italian and British drivers – Bittydesign’s new ‘Zefirus’ lexan wing is the result of hard work & engineering behind the project.  The ‘Zefirus‘ has been designed with a modern ‘look’ in mind, universally suiting both 1/8 buggys as well as 1/8 trucks.

Lightness is the main feature, compared with normal nylon wings the Zefirus is significantly lighter which translates whilst driving because the lower mass suspended high make the car faster in low speed corners, rotating easier and at same time very stable in the high speed sections.


The downforce generated by the wing is very high and the driver can tune it with different possibilities, simply installing an additional wickerbill / gurney flap (to cut long or short because made with lexan not with plastic) as well as side bulkheads that help clean air vortices that are created behind the wing.

Both of these additional elements are optional, in this case the wing will generate a bit less dowforce but will be lighter. The driver also has the possibility to open indicated vanes to reduce the parachute effect and weight, with the lighter configuration the Zefirus is 50% lighter than plastic wing.


The wing is 100% Made in Italy and it comes complete with decal sheet, screws/nuts to fix the additional parts; the wickerbill / gurney flap and the side bulkheads are included in the kit.

At Bittydesign we are expert with paints, this is why the wing comes also already pre-painted in the 3 popular colors black, white and fluo yellow. There’s no other manufacturers offering such a complete line of lexan wings for the buggy and truggy classes.


Finally a consideration about the lexan wing after they became popular: the main concern we noticed on the track from the racers is one unique demand: “are they faster than plastic wing?”. Yes lexan wings are faster!

They are not durable like the plastic ones but lap times are lower, so the driver now can choose from durability (plastic) and top performances (lexan). The Zefirus will give to you some tenths of second per lap and outstanding driving feeling, see more @ Bittydesign