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Ty Tessmann completed a lights to flag victory as he held his lead from pole in the 45 min final at Silver Dollar RC Raceway – the chasing pack got off to a clean start and followed through in grid order, Ryan Maifield 2nd until a mistake allowed Lutz to challenge, further mistakes from Maifield dropped him towards the back, this time Tessmann with a small gap out front, Phend got past as well as Drew Moller, the pair trying their hardest to stay on pace with Tessmann but struggling to.

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Eventually Dakotah Phend seemed able to mount a small challenge, but the gap never really closed to less than 6-8 secs outfront, Tessmann managing it well, even a bad mistake from Tessmann didn’t spice up a pretty straightforward uneventful final, Phend managing a similar one as he clipped the twin corner pylons at speed, donuting on his roof before finally making it into pitlane.

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This mistake allowed Ryan Lutz to assume 2nd, a position he would hold until the finish, he kept Tessmann honest, but never under much serious pressure. Phend would roll in a slightly dejected 3rd – sadly not a repeat of the magic truck final we witnssed last year in Texas, however a more than deserved win for Ty Tessmann – now the buggy final awaits.

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