We tend to have a pretty short memory in RC Racing – what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday, [INSERT] is forgotten by Tuesday…?

Pessimism aside, 1/8 Offroad is actually enjoying a second ‘golden era’ especially in terms of driver talent around – names like Cavalieri, Maifield & Tebo have dominated the podium top steps for the last decade & more – the ‘next’ batch of racers is blossoming (perhaps already in bloom in Tessmann’s case) but we’re currently experiencing the slow crossover period where the next generation start to set the pace – a ‘golden age’.

Rewind 10-12 years and certainly in the US, you didn’t get bigger names than Pavidis, Kortz, Bradley in 1/8 buggy, awesomely & importantly that lot are all still racing, albeit with slightly greyer hairs (or nor hair Mark!), still having fun and showing the young guns a thing or two given the chance. They were the Big Cheeses back then, but along came Two Ryans and a Jared… And the rest as they say… was history.

So we say, whilst the ‘Original 3’Cavalieri, Maifield & Tebo are all still firing on all cylinders and faster than ever, take a step back and enjoy the moment, its a real piece of RC racing history.

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Anyway, back to the topic in hand – with the 2015 ROAR Nationals upon us, we take a quick flashback to a year ago, when the ROAR Nats headed for Hutto, Texas – to Thornhill RC Racing Circuit. Scene of two epic finals, Tessmann vs. Phend in 1/8 truck and Maifield vs. Tessmann in 1/8 Buggy.

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And who could forgot some of the iconic moments from that event, poor old Associated team manager Brent Thielke hobbling round in his leg cast, made worse due to the rocks laid down in the pits – the awesome indoor air conditioned pit tent laid on by the Thornhill crew, pure luxury! – cameo appearance by Reno Savoya, pitmanning for his mate Jerome Treignier – what would turn out to be the final race for Team Associated by Ryan Maifieldthe iconic photo of Maifield speaking with Adam Drake & subsequent breaking storyone of RC Racing’s biggest moves ever, fast forward 12 months, a lot’s happened… Maifield @ TLR and no Drake anymore  – Texas bulls with excessively large horns, they are real afterall! – Tessmann’s emotion & sportsmanship – Phend finally deservedly winning.

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