East of England Neo

The second round of the East of England Regionals took place at the Bowyer-Lowe Raceway in Kings Lynn, a new venue for the EoE calender. Another good turn out for this one, mean four heats of both 2wd & 4wd.

The track was 100% grass with many cleverly built man made “natural” features, including a couple of table top sections and even a wall of death to contend with. Heavy rain was forecast but despite the overnight weather, and the couple of rather heavy downpours in the morning, the track held up really well with no rooster tails or cutting up that may have been expected. In fact the grass was so smooth many claimed it looked better than their back gardens, the secret, it gets cut almost every morning to keep it short, and has plenty of fertilizer. All this added up to a lap time of around 29-35 seconds, depending on the weather.