A1 – 4WD

Naoto pulled away and never looked back from the sound of the tone, keeping team mate and fellow Japanese driver Yusuke Sugiura at bay. First driver to make a mistake was Schumacher driver Michal Orlowski who dropped back down the field to continue his poor weekend. Tebo looked fast but made a mistake and never recovered ending up 10th. Martin Bayer and Lee Martin battled all race long for 3rd position, the latter holding up position until the finish line.
1. Naoto Matsukura, 2. Yuskue Sugiura, 3. Lee Martin

A2 – 4WD

Naoto briefly stretched out in the first lap but crashed out landing down the table top, giving the lead to kyosho teammate Jared Tebo. The Japanese ace pushed hard trying to close the 2 sec gap but made a couple of more bobbles. Tebo crossed the finish line with a safe 2.5 sec margin over Naoto. Lee Martin grabbed 3rd.
1. Jared Tebo, 2. Naoto Matsukura, 3. Lee Martin


A3 – 4WD

Tebo looked fast at the start, staying close to Naoto, but possibly distracted by heavy crash during the warm-up lap the US driver crashed twice more in the first lap, dropping down the order, leaving Naoto unchallenged for the rest of the race, cruising to victory. Huge battle between Yusuke Sugiura and Martin Bayer for second place. The Czech driver was clearly faster but Yusuke would close all doors until the two crashed, handing second place to Ido Masatsugu. Xray’s Martin Bayer would claim a consolation 3rd.
1. Naoto Matsukura, 2. Masatugu Ido, 3. Martin Bayer

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