A1 – 2WD
At the sound of the tone, Cragg passed Numdahl for 2nd and the rest of the pack got into some messy crashes. Numendhal quickly catches back up to Cragg and passes him a few laps later when the British driver gets a bit wide in the big 180 following the 2 singles at the end of the straightway. Kody Numendhal was on fire and caught the leader Lee Martin and took over when Lee had a bobble on the 2 singles. Clearly fastest, Numedahl with his heavily modified AE B5M took A1.
1. Kody Numedahl, 2. Neil Cragg, 3. Lee Martin

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A2 – 2WD

Clean start for the top 3, Lee Martin crashed on the table top on lap 1 and Numedahl passed him, stretching out immediately only to flip over in the big 180 following the 2 singles at the end of the straightway in lap 2. This allowed Lee to get back into the lead followed by Ido, Cragg and Numedahl. Intense battle for the lead, with Ido all over Martin, young Japanese driver even slightly making contact with Lee. Numendhal worked his way back to the front, passing Cragg and inherited 2nd spot when Ido crashed. The AE designer -clearly the fastest man on the track- quickly got right behind Lee Martin’s Yokomo but the British driver closed all lines leaving Numendhal with nowhere to pass. A2 finished eventually as it started.
1. Lee Martin, 2.Kody Numedahl, 3. Neil Cragg


A3 – 2WD

Last final and decider was shorted lived. Lee Martin got a good start, Numedahl once again faster was all over his tail only to motor out and get his car flying out over the track’s barrier. His chance over, the US driver pulled away, which left only Neil Cragg chasing his national challenger for a few lap until he made a bobble giving Lee Martin a huge lead till the end. Japanese Masatsugu Ido finished in 3rd, giving him the 2015 Japanese National Championship title (foreign drivers not eligible for Japanese title).
1. Lee Martin, 2.Neil Cragg, 3. Masatugu Ido

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