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Riccardo Berton will go down as a worthy winner once again of the Euro Contest – however the final belonged to polesitter Marco Baruffolo who was walking away with it after 10 mins – Berton let anyone else without an answer to Baruffolo’s incredible pace. It wasn’t to be however as Baruffolo’s front gearbox bearing let go with only 13 mins gone – coming in for his 2nd fuel stop, his pit screw knew something was terminal and retired the crippled TLR promoting Berton who was 10-15 sec behind into the lead, himself with a massive gap back to Riccardo Rabitti.

Despite starting on pole Baruffolo had a difficult start early on Reno Savoya was in contention as well, not so for Zanchettin who fell back early on – however a complete disaster of a mistake befell Savoya as he crashed under the bridge, the marshall helplessly attempting to use a broom to poke the car, quite what good that did is anyone’s question – he’d go on to lose about half a lap if not more and yet another similar error a few laps later set the tone for his race; seemingly glued to Quagraine for laps on end they battled, a further flameout cost Reno a podium shot.

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First retirement of the final however went to Nuno Casal Ribiero, the smiely Portuguese driver we’ve known for countless years suffered a hero to zero moment, whilst sitting an almight 4th after the opening laps, he crashed, and a race-watching marshal failed to notice him… he revved a few times to attempt toget his attention, only for the conrod to go… Sad demise.

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Outfront it was a straightforward cruise to victory for Berton – lapping at a pace that 2nd placed Rabitti couldn’t cling onto, Berton lapping Rabitti and then throttling down his pace and simply clicking off laps. Credit to Rabitti however, the proud father of two hasn’t been racing that much and had a clean 45 min main. The fight was on for 3rd however, Mirko Bianchi taking a worthy last podium spot, JQ might have had a chance to fight for it, but bobbles and never quite hooking onto Bianchi’s Mugen cost him, that said he finished ‘top foreigner’ in the Italian dominated final.

Credit to Mattia Polito, the youngster taking 6th, good result for this up n’ comer, also Walter Floris for his 7th, having to endure a bodyshell switch late on in the final, Baruffolo coming to his TLR mate’s aid – running to the pits and grabbing his own one – the net result confusing a few sun-kissed spectators, who thought Baruffolo had returned… For a moment Baruffolo’s shell and yellow wheels rather resembled Adam Drake’s combo!


A worthy win for Berton, Baruffolo had the measure of him early on, but to finish first, first you must finish – today it was the car that let him down, but his seemless seasoned win in E-Buggy was truly impressive – confident in his abilities to no end. With this win Berton heads to the Euro-B with his head held high, no doubts the Brits will fancy their home-chances, but this kid is the real deal…

Thanks to the Barco team for the event and track, Bittydesign family for everything, hospitality and putting on a great event, amazing weather, good racing and a wonderful ambiance makes for a perfect weekend! If you’re weighing up your options for next year, we’d strongly recommend a weekend attending the EURO Contest. Oh and thanks to Robin Frischkopf for the heartstopping Tesla ride… new underwear required!

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Regrettably due to being unable to accurately verify tyre usage in the final –
we have edited the published results table accordingly.