Saturday Photo Gallery | EURO Contest videos

Italian wonderkid Riccardo Berton held on to overall TQ at the 2015 EURO Contest held in the Parmigiano-district of Reggio-Emilia – it wasn’t all plain sailing for the smiling 16 year-old as Reno Savoya would set the pace in practice, only to stumble a little ending up only 8th –not a reflection of his pace, a flameout not helping his cause in Q3, however the stronger challenge came from Alex Zanchettin. With a driving style at times resembling a bulldog, Zanchettin had provisional TQ going into Q3 with a 2nd and TQ of Q2 – Berton did his bit in heat 1 – setting the fastest time of the day despite the track conditions – Zanchettin was on a good pace until a bad mistake just infront of the bridge underpass – his TLR buggy screaming with angst and disgust at having dropped the ball – he would retire voluntarily – knowing he couldn’t better his 2nd, TQ score.

EUR_7025 EUR_7036 EUR_6996 EUR_6999

Take nothing away from Berton however; who many are calling ‘the new Ronnefalk’ (yep you read that here first…), looking at the bigger picture, he could be on for a good run at the Euros in a month’s time in Sacile…

EUR_7521 EUR_7443 EUR_7483 EUR_7244

In 3rd a strong run in from Riccardo Rabitti and his trusted Radiosistemi RR8, ensuring a Pro-Line 1,2,3 of qualifying he narrowly missed out on TQ in round 2 with Zanchettin sneaking it.


The track conditions throughout the day changed significantly, drivers battling with a dusty track in the morning, but the grip coming up towards midday and the afternoon, only for bumps to get larger and sharper – all but the top heat seeming really to struggle with the unpredictability of certain highspeed sections. It’s rare we see so many crashes!

EUR_7156 EUR_7021 EUR_7065 EUR_7145EUR_7368 EUR_7083 EUR_7160 EUR_7356

Saturday Photo Gallery | EURO Contest videos

Another warm day at the EURO Contest, thankfully our kind sponsor had a couple of fans to keep yours truly from melting and our laptops!

Last year’s EURO Contest resembled somewhat of an Italian national, however with only two of the top 10 not from Italy, it shows the home drivers have the pace!

EUR_7001 EUR_7311 EUR_7028 EUR_7090


Finals Setup – F1 (Pro)  –  Finals Setup – E-Buggy  –  Finals setup – F2

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