Day 2 of the Worlds warm-up at Yatabe Arena in Japan is in the books and Lee Martin is the overall TQ man despite suffering from a very bad cold. Although the overall result may not really come as a surprise, the way it unfolded was not as straight forward as it seems.

Carson_YB_9639sIndeed, after very dominating performance in Q1, Yokomo’s Lee Martin had a few bobbles in Q2, allowing Team AE ‘s Kody Numendhal to take Q2 with his heavily modified B5M. In Q3, it went down to the wire with Lee Martin TQing in front of Xray’s Martin Bayer for only two 1:100th seconds! In Q4 AE’s Neil Cragg looked good and thought he had it until teammate Carson Wernimont snatched the TQ of Q4 on the finish line with a hero last lap.

Only 3 Japanese drivers in the top 10, the highest ranked being Yokomo’s Ido Masatsugu in 5th, interestingly Ido is not even a local as he has traveled all the way down to the Yatabe from his native Hokkaido island. Kyosho new signing Naoto Matsukura never really was in contention and will start the main in 7th place.

Former ’07 2wd World Champion Hayato Matsuzaki will start Sunday’s race at the worst place : 11th or TQ B-main guy. Current 2wd World Champ Jared Tebo struggled all day with setup and ended up a lowly uncharacteristic 20th.