After an incredibly warm day of free practice at the EURO Contest we still have yet to sample any locally-made Parmigiano Reggiano (aka Parmesan for our N.American friends) although ice cream’s been more the menu flavour of the day, that and a cheeky Aperol Spritz…

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Anyway back to the race, you’ll note that we have no ‘fastest man of practice or practice pacesetter’ as it’s only free practice today, Saturday morning will see a round of timed practice to seed for quali, the reason being, not all Italian racers can take the Friday off work, and this is mean’t to be an ENJOYABLE race…

i.e. not a federation-managed event ‘ver rules must be obeyed!’ – said in our most Monty Python-esque of politically incorrect voices… (we’ll get in trouble for that!).

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The Barco track is looking fine, very high bite which has caught a couple of drivers by surprise, JQ having spent a month in Italy after the Euro warm up said he’s already running low on tyres although very upbeat after trying stand up Jet Skiing for the first time recently – the only new bits on his car a rear toe in plate. The main threat to the Italian drivers comes from Reno Savoya, fresh from some intensive practice with team mate David Ronnefalk in Pierrefeu, Reno looking chilled, motivated and always supremely confident in his abilities.

Expect defending Champ Riccardo Berton, Zanchettin, Ricky Rabitti all to be quick and it’s the first time we’ve seen Marco Baruffolo driving the TLR buggy – he won last weekend in IBR Padova and word on the street is he’s pretty handy…

Tune in tomorrow for qualifying updates!

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