hb test

Source: Circus RC | See: HB Europe
Its rare to find the likes of David Ronnefalk & Reno Savoya with a weekend ‘off’ from their chosen professions – RC Racing. However that was the case as HB’s D815-rocking duo headed to the beautiful Pierrefeu track in Provence countryside in S.France to do a bit of hardcore testing ahead of a European Championships in Italy that they go into with a bit of pressure on their robust shoulders.

The team had an unlucky warm up, both Reno & David suffering problems in their semis, enter Orion’s talisman Adrien Bertin – fellow HB racer and Ronnefalk’s mentor to get their star duo in ‘tip-top’ shape and understanding the World Championship winning D815 buggy on European-style tracks. It’s no secret Bertin is well-renowned for his encyclopaedic Yoda-like setup knowledge not to mention ‘his’ engine guru-ness.

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The choice of Pierrefeu as the test location no accident, with conditions close to that of the Ongaroring Euros track in Sacile, we hear that 12-hour long days of testing yielded positive results especially on fine tuning and finding setups, however no word on whether any secretive new parts were tested…