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Godfather of the Kyosho Inferno series of buggys Yuichi Kanai announced via his Facebook page that he has officially signed to run for Korean fuel brand Rapicon having personally used the fuel we believe since April some time.

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Engine Future ?

Perhaps more on topic however is what engine Kanai-san might be sporting in his MP9 in the near future; with the unfortunate demise of RB Products and departure of much of their drivers (Marco Baruffolo, Ricardo Monteiro etc.)

Kanai Picture (1) Yuichi Kanai 2000 IFMAR Worlds winning Inferno MP7.5 Buggy 259553_2069208817720_1469831255_2440999_7318474_o JMRCA-Nats_Day1_034

Kanai is left as the last (high profile) man standing, the 2000 IFMAR World Champ making an emotional decision in 2013 to return to the engine brand that gave him much of his success – RB capitalising on the added exposure by releasing a special edition green-coloured Kanai edition engine, much like Kanai’s time at the (now long gone) Sirio.

NeoBuggy understands that as a result of the closure of RB Products, Kanai’s hand has been forced somewhat and an engine move is expected in the near future with several companies showing interest.