Some awesome news coming from SOAR Seiki today!

Dear Soar Seiki valued customers, after 2 years spent developing the Soar 998 1/8 buggy we would like to extend to our SoarSeiki Spain customers that have previously bought the 2014 kit a brand new replacement 2015 kit free of charge.

Now that’s what you call customer service!

We understand that the very early released 2014 version had some teething issues and here at SoarSeiki we would like to provide an exceptional level of service by giving you a brand new 2015 kit. If you have purchased a 2014 kit please contact our Spain representative Daniel Bernabe to get your new 2015 kit. soarspain@hotmail.com

It takes a lot for any company to admit they’ve made a few mistakes, but to go the distance of offering free of charge replacement kits to early customers ? #MindBlown