Last weekend saw the running of the first AKA sponsored New York Classic held at the Barnstormers MRRC Raceway, Ryan Lutz was big name in lights attending as well as a few of America’s ‘east coast bright young things’, Jamie Grayek, Anthony Mazzara, Jérôme Treignier, Jay Bless, Mark Smyka and more. Joey Christensen of The Dirt served up a track fit for the Classic, with US style jump sections and also a flatter faster Euro style section.

In the Nitro Buggy Novarossi Class, Ryan Lutz TQed the first 3 rounds but last one came to the HB/RC Concept driver Jérôme Treignier. Starting order for the main event would be Lutz, Treignier, Grayek and Bless. In the main, Ryan Lutz flew to the victory , great battler for a moment between Treignier, Grayek and Bless, and it’s finally Jamie Grayek who will finish 2nd follow by Jérôme Treignier making AKA 1,2,3 on the podium.

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In the Nitro Truggy Rex Class, Ryan Lutz TQes also the 3 first rounds but the last one came to Jérôme Treignier. Anthony Mazzara arriving late will also make the show in the final. The beginning of the main event saw a great battle between Jérôme and Ryan but finally the Tekno driver took the win follow by Treignier and Mazzara.

In the Electric Buggy Class, Ryan Lutz was in an other world, winning all 4 quals and all 3 mains. The battle between Treignier and Grayek was more intense, after the quals Treignier would start 2nd and Grayek 3rd. In the first main Lutz took the win followed by Treignier and Grayek. In A2 Grayek put the charge and finished 2nd while Lutz closed the deal by winning it. A3 would be exciting … a 10 mins battle between Treignier and Grayek to see who will ended 2nd and 3rd. It’s finally Jérôme who took 2nd and the overall 2nd spot. AKA would again ended 1.2,3.

Event Photo Gallery | Thanks to Rohan Grant and is crew for the great event, we will be back next year for sure. Report by Jerome Treignier