Report by Carlos Duraes
The 3rd round of the Portuguese Nats headed to Viela last weekend, we arrived at the track on Saturday to practice, after the some laps I felt my car was really good and I was the fastest guy on the track. After the practice I was super confident on the car as our speed was much faster than the other guys, but I know that one thing is practice and other thing is racing when the clock is counting…

The track on Sunday morning was wet as the organizers put water on it in order to reduce dust… I won the first qualification but there was a problem with the timing system of the organizers and we had to repeat the heat. This time i drove bad with lot of mistakes and finished 6th i think…Q2 went really well for me and i TQ. Last qualification i was batlling for the TQ but a stupid mistake cost me the overall TQ which went to Ricardo Monteiro.

I won my semi-final and lapped everyone even if we compares the time with the other semi final. It meant that i would start in P1 for the final. I had a clean start but after the second lap i made a mistake and Monteiro got the lead. I started driving faster and two laps after i was already behind him and overtook him.

At the 30min mark i had almost a lap over the rest of the field so i started driving more safety and not pushing as much as before. While i was overtaking the slow guys i had 3 crashes on the same lap as some of them wasn’t opening for me and when i put an eye back i saw Matias behind him… I made a mistake with 7 min to go and Matias overtook me. I was thinking to myself ” I was leading the a-main since the beginning i can’t lose it now”   Well i started pushing as before and after a couple of laps i was behind Matias with 2 min to go. Me and Matias went to the big jump almost together and at the landing i could overtake him. 2 more laps and i crossed the line and could take a breath 🙂