ROAR Rules Change

Following a hefty controversy due to the release 2.4″ 1/10 scale buggy wheels last year prior to the ROAR Nationals, ROAR has announced a rules change to accompany the new wheels at this year’s ROAR events (including the upcoming ROAR 1/10 Offroad Nationals).

The rules change takes immediate effect that results in 2 different wheel configurations being available as options for manufacturers and competitors:

  • The existing 2.2″ nominal wheels
  • The newer 2.4″ or 61mm nominal wheels

The new rules do not include dimensions compatible with vintage style wheels as they are generally not used in ROAR sanctioned competition.

Dimensions for the traditional 2.2″ wheel will be:

  • Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.20 inch (55.88mm) +/-.013 inch (.30mm)
  • Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.42 inch (61.468 mm)
  • Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum

Dimensions for the newer wheel style will be:

  • Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.380 – 2.427 inch (60.45 – 61.65 mm)
  • Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.571 inch (65.3 mm)
  • Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum

Source: ROAR