Always ones keen on giving us previews of their as-yet unannounced products, Davide of Bittydesign brought with him a prototype version of their new 1/8 nitro buggy lexan wing – the company following the market trend which has seen many racers adopt the distinctive yet sponsor unfriendly lexan wings – used by the best in the business.

Whilst not the first lexan wing we’ve seen, Bittydesign have taken their time to study market demand especially with downforce in mind – market feedback suggesting that some of the wings already released produce too much resulting in a ‘parachute effect’, with holes & trimming required, hence Bittydesign’s continued R&D to find the ideal balance.

The wish being that racers should be able to simple use it ‘straight out of the package’ rather than tinkering and modding too much – ‘make it right the first time’.

As expected from a company located in Italy, the team have utilised several top Italian drivers to test the product as well as European top drivers, we’re told the final version can be expected around June and there will be a few differences to the prototype shown.

Expect further details and a definitive name closer to June as well as Bittydesign’s new website when it launches.