Zac Ryan – 28 – Australia

The Under the Hood feature that you’ve been waiting for… 2nd place finisher Zac Ryan from Australia shows us his heavily modded buggy, HB front arms, custom towers & more…

Chassis: Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 (Modified to MP10 spec 😉
Engine: OS Speed
Tyres: JConcepts Detox Red Compound
Fuel: Byron 30%
Radio & Servos: KoProPo, KoProPo RSX
Receiver Battery: Protek 2600 mah lipo
Race Notes: LCQ winner, 2nd place overall at 2015 ASIA Contest. Team RW ESRR Wolfpack member.

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Modification Notes: Zac has been running this very heavily modified car based primarily on the Kyosho, the biggest single difference are the HB D812/D815 front lower arms, which fit surprisingly well and require few mods, Zac prefers them to stock Kyosho front arms which have been known to be fragile. He has yet to break or not finish a race due to mechanical break down.

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He also has his own stronger front and rear shock towers, thicker studier suspension blocks all round (twice as thick in the rear as stock for added strength – a requirement when running on tracks as hard as Pattaya etc.). Lunsford screws allround, K nuts from Belgium locking in the shocks, body post button head on the center diff keeps the brake cam from falling out when removing the center diff. Zac runs a Kingheadz engine mount that screws directly into the chassis with tapped holes which will prevent it from moving during extreme impacts.

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