LFR Assassin Serpent

Leadfinger Racing has announced the release of their newest ‘Assassin’ body for the Serpent Cobra B-e. Serpent driver, Dylan Gerard, has come on board LFR to help with the project. Together, hours of design and testing have gone into the new shell.

“We were looking for even distribution of down force – front and rear, with a new cab forward design. The result is a body that keeps the car more planted, provides level jumping and better corner traction. Straight line stability is increased with the Assassin’s rear swoop design by directing air flow directly to the wing. LFR Assassin bodies are thicker lexan for durability and come with clear masking for ease of painting.”

IMG_2716 IMG_4246 IMG_4251 IMG_4252


  • Dylan Gerard design
  • Cab forward for better down force
  • More level jumping
  • Swoop design directs flow to wing
  • Better corner traction
  • Thicker lexan
  • Clear masking for ease of painting
  • Made in the USA by Leadfinger

Source: LFR